FanReact Rebrands, Now Known as Truss

Name change better reflects company’s direction, growth

HOUSTON, September 30, 2019 -- FanReact, the platform of fan community and engagement in sports and athletics, today announced a comprehensive rebrand and name change to Truss. The new name and branding reflect the company’s evolved mission to build digital communities not just for sports, but for any organization where digital engagement strengthens the support, security and shared passion among its members.

“Our team has done an incredible job creating great digital experiences for our customers in the sports and athletics space,” said Patrick Schneidau, CEO of Truss. “At the same time, we have heard from organizations outside of sports that they want to create a similar ‘fan experience’ for their customers, employees, partners and volunteers by providing content and connections the same way that athletic teams do.”

“Those organizations and their audiences – while not wanting to sacrifice great user experience and engagement – don’t trust current options that host their communities at the expense of a loss of privacy,” continued Schneidau. “All of these organizations focus on the need for a privacy-focused community platform.”

Building on its fan community technology, Truss provides a customizable community platform for organizations that want to better engage their audiences digitally. These capabilities include:

“With our new mission to serve people who share a passion for any organization, our customers can now create the same level of engagement already available with your favorite sports team,” said Schneidau. “Whether your organization supports critically ill patients, service men and women, university students or people of faith, Truss can create the communication, collaboration and connections that so many organizations desire for their community.”

About Truss

Truss is transforming online community engagement, helping enterprises transform their digital communications strategy to give their audiences what they want: great content and strong connections in a private and secure environment. Powered by the same digital design used in sports and athletics, Truss customers create personalized and engaging experiences for their audiences that build greater passion for their brand.